You need clarity: A client success story

“You need to have clarity on what you’re doing and what is the way for you to do it.

And how you’re comfortable about doing the uncomfortable things.

I think that’s the biggest thing and it needs to be solved and then everything else is quite easy after that one.”

This is what my client answered when I asked him about the biggest insights in his path of growing his second business.

He’s a CEO and co-founder of Diffo Solutions, providing profitability based fleet and work management systems for the transportation industry.

We’ve been working together on a weekly basis for three and a half years, and during that time they’ve crushed and exceeded many of the business goals they’ve set along the way. 

When looking at the big picture, they’re exactly where they planned to be at this point.

But of course, when zooming into the details, there’s still a lot of work to do.

And that never changes.

When we’re on a growth path, there’s always something more – more to learn, more to discover, more to reflect upon, more to heal

And this is not for the purpose of having more, it’s for the purpose of being more.

Of freely giving and receiving.

Timo, my client, came to me for coaching because he wanted to maintain a balance between growing his new start-up and family life.

He’s a father of two boys and wanted to find a way to make it work so that he wouldn’t need to pay for business success in relationships or health. Or anything else, come to that.

And the answer has been to work on himself – to really get to know oneself and to learn to lead oneself. With strategies and tactics that are fully in alignment with one’s purpose and values.

Once you do that, everything else follows. Automatically.

As it has happened in his case, too.

You can listen to Timo’s story on episode #22 of The Insights Within Podcast, where he shares some of the successes along the way.

Where is it that you need clarity on what you’re doing and the way for you to do it?

Would working with me and having me on your corner to support you be of help?

Just reach out if you’d like to explore that opportunity.

Much love,