First step in leveling up

This is the season to start preparing for the new growth period by going back to basics.

When you’re looking to level up, always go back to basics first. It isn’t so much about going further as it’s about going deeper. And it always starts with the basics.

This time it means healing and strengthening the vision.

My first career started as a management assistant position that turned into a marketing position in an international company. Much of what I achieved during the first ten years of my career was the result of me doing what I thought other people expected of me.

Which basically meant that I was so consumed by making other people happy and building their dreams, that I had lost connection with who I am and what I want or need.

I had no clue of what my own dreams were.

Without knowing who and what you are, it’s impossible to know how to dream. Or to have a true vision for your life.

As the ancient Greeks said, you need to ‘know thyself’.

And it’s the first step in healing and strengthening your vision. Or your business’s vision.

Want to know how to become stronger with your vision as you’re preparing for a new growth period? Either personally or professionally?

Just message me and I’ll send you my secret sauce.

Much love,