Stay in the game

I am so inspired about this conversation I had with one of my entrepreneur clients last week!

She has set unseen goals for both herself and her business, aiming for something she has never done before. As she’s on her path, she has faced some resistance from those around her, as we often do, and started to second guess her goal on the way.

Maybe it’s a little too big, what do you think? Maybe I should make it less ambitious… No one, I mean no one, around me has ever done such bold moves before. Will I stand out and be abandoned by my friends? What if they’re gonna leave me? What if I’ll be all by myself after this? Can I do this to them?

These were some of the questions we were talking about in our meeting. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s obvious that the fear had kicked in. And when that happens, we start to take ourselves out of the game in one way or another.

After we made sure that her goals are aligned with her core values and ecological (meaning that they benefit not only her, but her loved ones and those around her in larger scale, too, in addition to being sustainable in the long term), we dived deeper into the why – why is she doing what she’s doing and how is it serving the greater good of all concerned.

When you have already taken aligned action and are further in the way of making your dreams and goals come to fruition, it’s easy to see how life sort of takes over and you just need to be proactive in responding to whatever happens for you. It’s like all the cooperative parts work for your benefit and everything starts to arrange itself around the manifestation.

If this is not happening, then it might be good idea to check and re-evaluate the chosen route to the goal. Again, not immediately change the goal, but the path to it.

As she already is further in her path of making those unseen goals true, having taken determined and aligned action consistently for a while now, her main task at this point remains to stay in the game. Most of all spiritually and mentally. As those parts are taken care of, then the aligned action automatically follows.

What she’s aiming for is going to have a global impact for the good of sooo many people and – here’s one of the best parts – at no one’s cost. How could it be wrong or dangerous for her friendships? The reasoning she had for this is going to be a topic for another time.

Until then, stay in the game!

Much love,