Small efforst multiply

We’re at the height of the cloudberry picking season at our summer cottage. Picking these heavenly berries can be seen as hard work, cause they grow in the swamps. It requires a bit of resilience and effort to get to enjoy these delicacies. Yet, instead of defining what we’re currently doing as hard work, we apply the same steps as with anything we want to succeed.

First, we started before we were ready. I mean, who ever is really ready to wander around the swamps voluntarily? With millions of mosquitos and other insects bugging you…

Second, we do just short rounds at once, always leaving before we’re exhausted. In other words, we keep it as easy as possible. The small efforts have already added up to tens of kilos of picked berries.

We trust the process – as long as we keep doing what we’re doing, it’s going to pay off. No need to panic after a day of small achievements. We have the end in mind, yet we’re very much enjoying already the journey.

To sum up, three steps to success in anything are:

  • start before you’re ready
  • small efforts multiply
  • trust the process

How and in which areas of your life can you apply these steps?

Let me know by getting in touch through the contact form!

Much love,