Dare to receive and prosper

Few weeks back, we started the process with daring to desire. It was about desiring what you really want, without allowing anyone, not even yourself, to make it wrong in any way.

Then it was time to take action. To notice that what you’re doing, is actually aligned with what you want. That you get to stay true to yourself. And to your desires.

Now, it’s time to dare to R E C E I V E and P R O S P E R !!

Dare to receive the good that you’ve asked for. Dare to receive what life has in store for you. Dare to be happy. Dare to let yourself prosper. Even though everyone around you is not prospering.

You don’t help anyone with resisting the good that happens for you. The poor don’t get richer by you staying poor. The unhappy don’t get happier by you staying unhappy.

You daring to prosper is not taking anything away from anyone. That prospering is there only for you! If you don’t prosper, no one else can utilize that unused potential of prosper for themselves – everyone has their own potential for prospering and there’s plenty for us all!

Stop making it wrong and start to practice receiving and prospering, so much so that you soon hone these skills and master them!

Let us all prosper and with our prospering inspire others to prosper, too!

Before you go, however, there are few points I’d like to make.

First, be aware, that the path to receiving isn’t always the path you pictured in your mind. You may have an idea of the preferred way of receiving what you would like to have, but the ‘how’ of the process is really not your job. It’s ultimately life’s job.There are countless of ways for you to receive what you want and your job is to keep yourself open for receiving. Even when you have absolutely no idea of how it’s going to happen. Just expect the highest good of all concerned to happen.

As long as you keep yourself open to receive, I promise you’ll be surprised by how many things you’ll easily receive. Yet, they may come in ways you couldn’t even have imagined. And usually in better ways.

How to stay open for receiving?

By positively expecting your desires to happen while taking aligned action. And not trying to force them to happen in a particular way (in other words, your way). Let life surprise you by how it’s eventually going to happen.

Positive expectations powerfully guide you forward and help you stay aligned in your action. Keep at it!

Secondly, receiving is not only about taking something in and enjoying it. It’s also about taking something in and making a use of it. Even when making use of it means you’re going to have to momentarily feel unpleasant feelings.

What do I mean by this?

If you have, for example, desired for a better job, and you then notice a job advertisement that seems like the perfect fit for you – the receiving in this part means, that you have received the divine guidance by noticing the advertisement. Now it’s your turn to make use of that receiving by actually applying for that job!

When you receive an intuitive feeling of doing something, or taking a certain kind of action, you only truly practice the art of receiving and prospering when you make use of that idea. In other words, when you act according to your received idea. Even when doing so makes you feel uncomfortable or scared at first.

Receiving is not about getting a great idea but then letting your fears to stop you from acting or behaving accordingly. That’s called resistance. Unfortunately many resist without even realizing that they are doing so. And then they are disappointed, angry or frustrated with life, as it seems to not give them what they want.

Only because they themselves are not ready to give themselves what they want.

So, you see that receiving sometimes requires you to face your fears and actually feel those unpleasant feelings? Those, that you’d much rather avoid. But just momentarily, in order for you to have what you want.

I’ve noticed with my clients, that most often this is the part that tricks them. Many are ready to desire and work for those desires. But when it comes down to receiving and actually prospering, they’re miles away.

If this is the case for you, then personal coaching is marvelous option. Book a free 30-minute exploratory call through the contact form and let’s get this receiving and prospering on the way for you!

Much love,