Schedule in into mornings!

Last week we were spending time with my relatives, whom we hadn’t seen for a year and got to enjoy great company in great summer weather!

However, in the past I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep up with your normal routines when the environment and the surroundings change. Especially if you’re a person who’s used to prioritize other people’s needs before your own. And this time I really wanted to keep up with my routine of morning jogs or walks.

That’s why I left for my morning jogs before anyone else was awake.

My advice is that if you have something you definitely want to get done in your day, schedule to do it in the morning. Mornings are the best time to take action on anything important to you, such as your dreams. After the night’s rest, your decision making muscle functions at its best.

Everyday we spend a lot of time making all kinds of decisions and choices, many of them so quickly that we’re unaware of them. On top of this we exercise self-control of some form. All this depletes our decision making muscle. When your decision making muscle gets depleted, it becomes less effective, just like any other muscle in your body.

In other words, when your brain is tired, your ability to make good decisions has deteriorated – and decisions made at that sort of state may have a strong shaping effect on your life.

So, my quick question is:

What would you like to make happen and therefore need to schedule into your mornings?

Have fun at it!

Much love,