Change of plans

Life doesn’t always go as planned.

Right now, I was supposed to be excitedly letting you know that all is ready for the upcoming podcast launch for Feb 8th, but sadly, that’s not the news.

I’m actually going to postpone the launch.

The past two weeks we’ve had a nasty stomach flue going through our family and this past week I’ve been down with it myself.

Honestly, I’m quite exhausted.

That’s why I chose to postpone the launch date. I’m choosing not to do the launch in this way.

Because starting and entering into anything new in our lives is meant to be a precious process – one that we have fun with and enjoy.

We get to make decisions that actually amplify wellbeing and happiness in our lives. Instead of stress and drama.

Thus the question, for me, in this situation really is whether I’m doing this from love or for love.

For love, I’d keep on pushing through to earn the acceptance of everyone else around me, yet self-abandoning and disregarding my own needs. (That would be the old conditioning in me, and I admit, it’s pretty loud in my head at the moment.)

From love, I’d risk causing a disappointment, yet choosing to fully recover so that I’d be in the position to best support both you, my audience, and myself as the podcast comes out. 

You already know what my answer is.

I’ll let you know the new launch date soon.

Much love,