Stop fortune telling against yourself

Are you often fortune telling? Predicting what’s gonna happen in the future? How things are going to go and be?

One tip. Don’t fortune tell against yourself.

This is a serious matter. You can laugh at it, but we predict the future all the time. And usually it’s more bad things than good things. Even though the truth is that we don’t know what’s gonna happen.

So, for the coming week, be aware of your fortune telling habit. And every time you’re predicting more sh*t to happen, stop! Take a few deep breaths. And tell yourself three good, and fun, things that can happen.

Fortune telling against yourself only causes unnecessary anxiety about the future. Anxiety happens when your mind is making things up about what could happen and even though it’s imagination, it feels very, very real. The cortisol kicked in by anxiety can mess up with our system for hours.

For short term, cortisol can help us adapt to a stressful situation or danger. Yet, when it’s caused by anxiety, not fear (fear is what we feel when something is actually happening right now), it puts our bodies in unnecessary state of alertness. Continuous alertness makes one tensed and affects, for example, the ability to concentrate.

Anxiety has been a huge issue in my life and one of the reasons I stopped drinking coffee almost eight years ago. I still enjoy a cup in some special cases, yet daily, or even weekly, consumption does not suit my mind or my body.

Also, I’ve created better bedtime routines. They have a tremendously positive effect on quality of sleep as well as on anxiety levels.

Still, having these and other good habits for lowering the everyday anxiety, it’s the prevention work I’m placing my bets on. And learning not to fortune tell against myself (so much), is one effective tool. 

Much love,