What else is possible?

Last week was all about breaking the patterns. Both in and out of work. And I think I’m going to continue with the same theme this week, too.

For the past few months, first thing every morning, in addition to my daily sparring call with my colleague, I’ve had two coaching sessions with clients, before going on with the rest of day’s work, and I’ve gotten used to this rhythm.

However, last week the rhythm changed, giving me an opportunity to go back to my normal morning routines. But before doing that, I wanted to shake things up a little. So, in two mornings last week, instead of the coaching sessions, or my normal morning routines, I decided to do something different.

One of the mornings looked like this. After my daily 6:45 am sparring call, I took time for a long meditation, followed by a slow breakfast. In pyjamas. Then jumped into planning our future recreational home for a bit before concentrating on office work. I even took a long walk in the middle of the day before meetings and calls in the afternoon.

Although my favorite thing in this business is the personal coaching – I love the one-to-one sessions where I get to fully concentrate on my client – this sudden change of patterns was beyond refreshing!

Now I am back to my normal morning routines. The energy is flowing. The ideas are flowing. The opportunities are flowing. And all I can think of is, what else is possible?

This is going to be such a good week!

Much love,