It’s been a rollercoaster!

We’re almost there!

The first episodes of my upcoming podcast launch next Thursday, February 22, 2024!


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This has been a rollercoaster drive, for sure, to get to this point.

So many emotions has been present as we’ve been getting ready.

What has been most surprising, is that how much hidden fears and doubts and (mis)beliefs this process has brought to daylight for me.

Better out than in.

This is what I keep telling my clients and this time I’ve got to practice what I preach myself.

It’s not always easy to face the darkness from within. It may feel so real in the moment.

Whenever I haven’t noticed to question such thoughts and beliefs, I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Then frustrated and resentful. Bitter at worst.

Any of these are a sign for me that I need to stop what I’m doing and step back to just observe for a while. It doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time (less and less when you practice regularly), but it does mean that you have to become aware of your thoughts.

And to question them.

Usually it helps when you have people around you that can help you in this process.

I have my hubby. He’s my rock. And my own coach. She’s marvelous. Together with wonderful business besties and awesome friends.

They’re the reason I’ve kept going through my biggest fears, knees knocking and all.

They’re the safety belts that I can lean on in any situation and in my experience, such people are rare diamonds in life. People who are willing to stand with you through better and worse.

I wouldn’t be here without them.

Cherish these treasures in your life.

Much love,