Join my launch team!

February and the podcast launch is coming closer!!

And I have an important invitation for you…

…drumrolls, please…

Would you like to join my launch team?

I’d love for you to be part of it!

Here’s what it means to join and what’s expected from you:

  • Join the team and let me know you’re in by sending a message with the word PODCAST through the contact form
  • I’ll add you to the launch team and you’ll receive separate emails about the process
  • Share the news and invite the important people in your life to join you
  • On the launch day, February 8thlisten one or more of the episodes (introduction + three episodes released altogether) and give a review
  • Share the links of the episodes with people you think would benefit from them

If this resonates with you, and you join, here’s what you’ll get besides spreading the joy:

  • you become part of the inner circle and get to peak behind the scenes
  • you’ll get a free Zoom call, with live Q&A, where I share my most valuable tools to get through the mind blocks that are stopping us from taking the desired action. 

So, will you join me?

Yes or no, I’ll keep you posted about the progress and you’ll probably get emails from me more frequently for the next few weeks.

We’re really excited to start this new journey with you!

Much love,