New year, new steps forward

Happy 2024!!
I have exciting news to start the new year with.

I’ve been dying to tell you that I’m finally launching my podcast!!

It’s going to happen in February – I haven’t set the exact launch date (yet) – I’ll let you know soon, so you can mark your calendars (and let everyone in your circle now, too, and invite them to listen in).

We’re diving deep into success, spirituality and happiness, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. It’s going to be so empowering and life changing, full of insights!

So far, I’ve got the

  • name
  • intro
  • topics for the first 8 episodes
  • first shitty drafts of the 4 following episodes
  • platform decided to where to host

I’m currently working on creating the outro, defining the call-to-actions and starting to record the actual episodes.

This is both fun and terrifying!!

Why terrifying? Cause there’s so much new stuff to learn with tech and everything. It took me forever to actually put the intro together. You know, record the speak and edit the music in (I really am not that techie, ha).

There was one desperate moment when I thought I lost the music I edited for the intro, thinking that I need to do it again to get the same music for the outro (not knowing how I’d be able to manage that), but miraculously it was saved as editable version on my computer! 

Thank Goodness!!

I’m convinced the Higher Power is responsible for that miracle. I, for sure, am not.

Which brings me back to the New Year – the theme of 2024 for me is going to be

  • miracles
  • abundance and
  • gratitude

Have you thought of a theme for your 2024 yet?

Much love,