Identity drives behavior

When we’re wanting to change what and who we are, we need to consider it more deeply than making a decision on our conscious mind and trusting purely on our willpower.

Whenever trying to purely willpower our way through anything, it won’t bring us long lasting results, if our identity doesn’t shift.

It all comes down to doing the work with ourselves. It doesn’t matter what it concerns, it always is about first doing the work within.

Our self image, our identity, drives our behavior.

Willpower is only a finite resource. This is because willpower is like a muscle that gets tired when exercised constantly. Every day we’re wearing it out from the moment we wake up till the moment we fall asleep again.

You’ve probably noticed how it’s much easier, for example, to keep promises to yourself and make decisions when you feel fresh and energized.

Willpower is operated by our conscious mind. And our conscious mind only constitutes 5 % of all we do. 95 % of our behavior comes from our subconscious mind. It’s about our values, beliefs and our self image. Our identity.

And it is at that level, that we have to do the work, in order for us to change what and who we are.

Willpower, then, is only to be trusted occasionally and for short periods of time at once.

As a major part in changing my own self image to that of more supportive and constructive one, I’ve used different kinds of meditations and affirmations.

I still write down encouraging and inspiring words and sayings that I’d like to hear and remember myself as well as to share with someone else.

This one’s for you <3

In you I see what loving life is. I see what peace in being accepted for who you really are is. I see freedom to be yourself, to change and to grow.

In you I see what being kind to yourself is. I see what believing in the magic of your dreams is. I see the beauty of life, the strength of the soul and the knowing of future’s promise.

Much love to your week,