Start thinking in terms of movement

Last week we talked about impact. This week, let’s take that thought a step further and deeper and think about all we do in terms of a movement.

What do I mean by that?

With every thought, word and action we create something into the world. Yes, with every thought, word and action. However, the defining factor here is the feeling that is attached to the thoughts, words and actions.

The feeling defines the nature of the creation. And then the creation defines the impact we have in our surroundings. And the impact defines the movement we’re enabling and promoting with our thoughts, words and actions.

Often we interpret the act of creation too narrowly. It’s easy to attach creation and creativity for example to such things as work or hobbies. Meaning that we easily see ourselves creating and being creative in some areas of our lives and then leave it completely out of other areas of our lives.

The fact is that we’re all the time being creative and creating something. Every single moment. Are we aware of it or not is a different thing.

If we want to impact the world for the greater good of all, we need to first be aware of our own creations. Then, the impact of our own creations. Awareness is the key and always leads to transformation.

Now that we know we’re constantly creating something into the world, it’s good to pay attention to what it is that we’re creating.

Based on your mindset and feelings, ask yourself (remember, the feeling is the defining factor here!):

  • what is it that I’m currently creating?
  • How is my creation impacting those around me?

As one drop in the water causes the ripple effect and affects the surroundings, so can one person cause the ripple effect and affect change in others. And when joined by others, the impact grows and suddenly creates a movement.

The word movement means

  • the act or process of changing a situation or event, or of changing the way something happens or is done
  • a group of people with a particular set of aims
  • an organized group of people who work together to achieve something

In summary, movement means to create action. It’s about going from one place to another, or from one state of mind to another. Sustaining a movement then, is about sustaining action.

What kind of action are you sustaining in your life?
What kind of mindset are you sustaining in your life?
What kind of movement would you prefer to enable and to create?

Let’s start by cultivating what we’d prefer in our everyday lives, making sure we, first, are a constructive part of the movement we create. We can make the world a happier place by being happier.

This is one of the reasons why I said yes to the invitation to join the awesome team in Happiness Research Association Finland as happiness evangelist.

In addition to impacting the world through transformative coaching, I’m now also part of creating a world wide happiness movement.

Just like success, happiness belongs to everyone and is a natural state of being for us all. If only we let it be. And this is what I want to be part of – enabling more happiness in the world.

Are you with me?

Much love,