Rules for dreaming

We’re at the end of vacation season and it’s time to get back to normal. But what if the normal has started to feel same old, same old – and one is not looking forward to it? This is the time of the year, when I’m having many conversations with clients about what it is that they actually want in life.

Having had the time to break the cycle and do something different, it’s normal to come to conclusions that the different is what we want. The question I’m often asked at this point is that, how do I know what I really want?

First, I guide them through an exercise to identify their ideal day. The parameters are that you’ve just had six weeks ideal luxury vacation and you’re completely rested. Everyone you love are well and happy. You have a day just for yourself – what would it be like when anything is possible

The answers give you a pretty good picture of what it is that you want. The only trick is to allow oneself to dream. And there are rules for dreaming.

  • Keep it separate from scheduling and strategizing (the “hows” are none of your business at this point)
  • Make sure it’s your dream
  • Make sure it’s fresh
  • Make sure it’s big enough to excite you
  • Make sure it’s not just making up for something missing
  • Make sure you actually get excited

And notice, there really are no limits – in our mind, we can travel to the moon and back in a second. You get to dream what you dream.

When you’re clear of what your dream is, it’s easy to notice how much of it is already available to you now. And the rest is a process of growing around your dream and living it true in daily basis.

Much love,