Foundation for sustainable success and happiness

Over the years, as I’ve helped my clients to do the work within in order for them to redefine and create success on their own terms, I’ve come to notice that while there are a multitude of limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, there are also clear building blocks, common for us all, for creating a solid foundation for sustainable success and happiness. 

I’d say that the three most important elements to begin with are

  • Tapping into who and what you really are
  • Clarifying and defining your values
  • Healing your vision and trusting your own intuition

These keep your actions aligned even when the going gets tough, and it’s much easier to make clear decisions about the next right steps in growing around your dreams and goals, when you’re solid with these.

They lead you to take action from the right place – from love, not for love.

As a matter of fact, when you want to take a leap to the next level, the best results come from going back to basics.

It’s not so much about making changes in them, as it is about going deeper with them. It’s there that you get to expand, to evolve, to notice new opportunities and get new insights.

Again, starting from the level of being, expanding and evolving in your beingness, and then letting it automatically reflect on the level of your doing.

It’s there that the magic is!!

When these basics are not in place, though, it’s a whole different case.

I’ll talk about this in the newest podcast episode, revealing self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs that have hold many of my clients back in the past (not to mention myself).

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