Are you ready to receive?

Are you ready to receive?

So many people are ready to do almost anything to make their dreams and goals come true. Except receive the wanted results.

But making your dreams and goals happen isn’t just about taking action.

It’s also about feeling worthy of receiving the wanted results.

But the trick is that no one can convince you of your worthiness – it has to come from within yourself. 

And sometimes this is a step that many forget to take. They’re ready to do everything else needed, except prepare to receive.

Here’s what I mean.

Whenever you take action, your focus is on one of the two options – either on the thing that you want or in the absence of it.

If your actions are guided by you focusing on what is not yet working out for you – the absence of the wanted – then you prepare yourself for disappointment.

You only receive what you see yourself receiving. 

And if the absence of wanted is what you see, and it comes with the feeling of unworthiness, then that is what you get. No matter how much action you take.

Unless the image in your mind, and your feeling of unworthiness changes, the results won’t change.

You are ready to receive what you want, when, in your mind, you can see yourself receiving it and you feel nonresistant with that image.

When your actions are guided by the image of the wanted, you’re aligned with your worthiness and then this is the direction you’re heading towards.

Why am I talking about this?

Cause I’m back at this life lesson myself. And relearning it on a new level at the moment. As part of the enjoyment theme I talked about last time…

As I said, the path may not always be fun, but it most definitely is the one of enjoyment. With both, comfortable and uncomfortable moments.

Keep learning and practising!

Much love,