The trick to powerful affirmations

Every now and then we all are facing situations in which we feel somehow uncertain and in need of encouragement.

Unclarity is usually the trigger for uncertainty, followed by unconfident feelings and leading into doubting and hesitating.

To stop this unnecessary downward spiral, one way is to affirm yourself by telling the truth more than the fear. Actually speaking out loud the truth to yourself, or others, rather than airing the fear.

If it is regarding future, the truth is that none of us know what is going to happen. Yet, we know that right here and now, we are safe and all is good. From this state of mind, it is much easier to see the next step forward.

My favorite ways of affirming and keeping my spirit high is to listen to guided meditations or recordings. I also remind myself of all the things that already are working out for me in life – this is something I talk about in my Confident Mindset course, too. In fact, it is the starting point for shifting your focus from fear to truth and curiosity – two things that take us far and beyond in life.

Just notice that it’s important for you to be in alignment with your affirmations. Cause if you try to affirm yourself of something that you know isn’t true yet, it may cause an inner conflict. Some parts of you want to believe the affirmation and some parts argue against it. This, as you know and recognize, is not alignment.

Alignment is nonresistant.

And when your affirmations and power thoughts are in alignment with your inner wisdom, truth and values, they serve you in unexpected ways. The trick is in the words you choose to use.

Keep telling the truth and keep building and maintaining that fearless faith that you have. I’m with you!

Much love,