The missing key to fulfilment & success

We all have an inner desire and need for connection with other people. We want to receive the affection and high regard of at least one person.

Usually that one person is thought to be someone else than ourselves. Which of course is true – we do want that!

But how often do we forget to give it to ourselves?

The feeling of connection with ourselves. With who we really are.

As Dr. John A. Schindler discusses in his book of How to Live 365 Days a Year, the proper fulfilment of this need for connection, which he names as love – the need for love –adds warmth, richness and beauty to our living

He also points out that if love from other people is missing, it leads to emotions of distress, longing, lonesomeness and perhaps even social hostility. 

I agree.

Yet I’d like to shift this idea around a little bit.

I argue that we don’t only long for love and connection with other people, but with ourselves too. Often unconsciously.

And if love from ourselves (to ourselves) is missing, it leads to emotions of distress, longing, lonesomeness and even social hostility.

Our happiness isn’t dependent on outside love. It’s dependent on self-love.

True, sustainable happiness builds on self-love and self-worth.

If we only regard the need for love and connection from other people highly, we will never live a fully satisfied life.

And in the attempt to do so, we risk becoming trapped with the idea that our happiness is dependent on us receiving the love of others. So much so, that we lose ourselves in the seeking of outside acceptance and approval and forget to first and foremost connect with and love ourselves. 

In reality, we can only love others to the extent that we love ourselves.

So if you’re longing for more fulfilment in your life, start with reconnecting with yourself. Loving yourself.

Then build on that.

It’s the only way for sustainable success. Both in business and in life.

If this resonates with you, I’m gathering a small group of soul-driven entrepreneurs and heart-centred leaders, who are called to connect deeper with their inner wisdom and spiritual awareness as means of more fulfilment in their lives and businesses. Just reach out and I’ll provide more information.

Much love,