Not getting results?

A week ago we talked about how you’re the secret key to your success and how the way you see yourself affects everything you do, including the results you’re getting in life.

What and who you choose to be is your decision. You get to choose your self image.

This time, we’re taking a look at a powerful exercise that helps you shape your self-image consciously.

So, where do we start?

By making a list of beliefs and fears that are holding you back.

Whenever you’re not doing what you’d really like to do, it’s because the beliefs and fears have surfaced from the depths of your mind and stop you.

It’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you, when that happens! 

It’s just how our mind works.

When you align with your inner truth, and start acting accordingly, the errors in your thinking will surface and become visible, whereas before, they remained invisible and unconscious.

This of course feels uncomfortable.

In practice this may look like a new opportunity appearing in your life, of which you’re initially really excited about. But then suddenly notice yourself making excuses why it’s not possible for you. Perhaps even handing the opportunity forward to someone else.

Believing you’re not ready yet or good enough. And as a consequence, fearing that there’s something wrong with you.

But the truth is, it’s the errors in your thinking.

And these errors, the fears and misbeliefs, are a mix of hand-me-downs from your parents and people around you, something that you’ve witnessed happen. Or they are widely held social or cultural beliefs that you never questioned. Or experiences that went wrong in your life.

They’re supposed to surface – it’s a blessing that they do.

When it happens, you’re able to work on them.

If, and when, in a situation like this, write down the beliefs and fears, the stories you tell yourself, that make you feel uncomfortable and hold you back.

But instead of treating them like enemies, treat them like they’re your golden nuggets.

They clearly let you know where you have some inner work to do with yourself.

And isn’t that nice?
Isn’t it nice to know?

“Clarity is kindness”

When you’ve made your list, you’re able to question your fears and beliefs.

You don’t need to make a 180 degree change in your fears and beliefs. The idea is to tweak them so that they feel less restrictive and more allowing to you. 

By being more truthful.

Even the smallest shift matters. Those shifts start to shape your reality. And that’s how we get to choose who we are.

In the end, we have what we

  • believe we deserve
  • expect to happen and
  • allow in.

Working on your fears and beliefs shifts your self-image and is an empowering step towards more freedom in everything you do.

If more freedom is what you long for, I’m here to help you reconnect with your inner truth and say yes to the possibilities life has in store for you.

Just reach out through the contact form and let’s connect over an informal conversation.

Much love,