Time to connect with your why

Sometimes life throws such curveballs to us, that we get distracted from the original plan. And sometimes it’s just time, that does the same. Allures our attention elsewhere.

The false belief that tricks too many along the way is, that if we get distracted for a little while, we can’t get back on track. Or, that there’s no use to get back on track. It’s over for our dreams and goals. At least, we have to wait until the year changes to try again.

Imagine, what would happen if that’s what we told our kids when they’re learning to walk? Or someone learning to ride a bike? Or to drive a car?

It would be devastating. Tragic.

So, if you’re in a situation where you’ve promised something to yourself, yet feel like you’ve fallen off the path, it’s ok. Your dreams and goals are still alive and safe. You’re safe. All is good. And it’s ok to start over. Even many times.

Now, your job is solely to

  • keep breathing
  • keep connecting with your what & why
  • keep learning as you go
  • keep willing to receive support
  • keep showing up for yourself by taking the next right step

Especially the second step, connecting with your what and why, is important. When you feel off track and don’t know whether to, or how to, continue, it’s time to make your why come to life.

Why were you doing what you were doing, in the first place?
What is it that you’d like to make happen and why?

Bring your reasons back into your mind as vividly as you can. Usually we can divide them into two parts:

  • related to other people
  • related to yourself

Connecting with your why helps you commit to your promises. To your dreams and goals. And only after you commit, will you know how it all comes together. Step by step.

Besides, people don’t buy what you do. Not with anything in life. Be it selling your idea to your loved ones about a weekend get-away together, or your services or products to your customers.

They buy why you do it.

Know your why and keep it in your mind.

Much love,