Is it really possible to change this?

Why is change so hard? Is it really possible to change this situation? 

I hear these questions a lot with my clients when they’re about to set new goals or make important decisions and changes in their business & life. 

Picture this – You’re in the meeting with your team, all excited, going through the big vision, and for a second you think what if it isn’t possible after all… The doubts immediately flush through, leaving you squirming in the chair. 

“OMG, what do I do? What if we never make it” you think to yourself. 

This is more common than you think – committing to a change is hard work. And doubting yourself in the process is even worse.

Occasionally, it’s only about changing a specific situation you’re struggling with, i.e. succeeding at an important negotiation, and you need specific techniques.

Sometimes, instead of a single situation, you want to change a whole category of events in a broader context, i.e. develop your confidence, and what you’re looking for is new strategies. 

Yet ultimately, it’s about something much more. You’re yearning to change the life experience itself and mere strategies and techniques aren’t adequate at this point. 

You feel like you should have it all together by now and hesitate to ask for help. You don’t want anyone to know that you’re still experiencing fear and doubts. No one else is. (Or so you think!) 

The truth is, change is possible at any stage. 

But it’s like steering a car. It’s hard to steer a parked car. You have to put the first gear on and get moving. 

The reason it feels so difficult is because you’re used to only focusing on your external behaviour. 

You haven’t even thought about who you are in the process – the way you see yourself, others and the situation at hand. Or why these even matter. 

That’s what we focus on first in my private coaching programmes. We change the way you see the situation on the inside. It’s there that the shift first needs to happen.

From that empowered state of mind then, the commitment to the change at hand is automatic and it’s much easier to make decisions about the specific actions needed, that best support you going forward. 

To get started with any change, I invite you to my free 45-minute Serenity session. In this call we map out the inner shift needed for you to take the next steps on your way to sustainable success. I’ll also tell you about my services, so we can explore if working together is a good fit.

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