Inventory of 2021

We’re past the darkest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere and turning towards the light again. This time of the year provides us a marvelous opportunity to turn more inwards and take a look at ourselves and the ending year.

Let’s take an honest inventory of 2021 and use these remaining days of the year to recognize and release, with forgiveness, what we choose to bring with us to the new year and what gets to stay behind.

These questions may help you in the process:

  • What are the three biggest mistakes I made during 2021?
  • What did I learn from those mistakes?
  • What are the three best wins I got during 2021?
  • What did I learn from those wins?
  • What no longer serves its purpose and gets to go as the year ends?
  • What already works and gets to stay as 2022 begins?

You can ask these questions relating to one or all areas of your life. I’d suggest you’ll take a more holistic view rather than narrow it down to only one specific area. I usually include career, money, health, partner, family, friends, learning and environment in mine.

Even though you might feel the urge to start preparing and planning for 2022 already, notice that you might need to give yourself some time before embarking on new journeys.

Letting go of anything (whether people, things, situations or habits) is a process in which you need grace and gentleness with yourself. 

Allow time for healing and forgiving. Of others and most of all, of yourself.

Much love,