Dare to take action

Last week we talked about getting clear on your desires. Now it’s time to get to the action. Who’s with me?

Nothing happens in our lives without action. We can’t think of ourselves into the final destination. We have to take action and go through the process to get there – and we get to enjoy the journey on the way!

Whenever I start to work with new clients, they usually talk about how happy and free they will be when ‘that thing’ is finally sorted in their lives (‘that thing’ being the reason why they came to me for coaching). Only after ‘then’, can they enjoy life.

However, there is no such time as ‘then’. You can’t go to ‘then’ and be happy or free there. It is no place to go. You can go to kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea, or you can go for a walk and enjoy, or you can get creative.

But you can’t go to ‘then’ and do anything.

The ‘then’ exists only in your mind. Therefore it is happening right here and right now. Right at this moment.

So, there’s no point in waiting for the then to magically appear, before you can start to live as you would like. It doesn’t work that way. Quite the opposite.

You start to live as you want right now and only then the ‘then’ magically comes to you. Without you running after it. You actually attract it by taking aligned action in the now.

Now is the only moment that has any power and in which you have the ability to do anything.

That’s why I challenge you to play the game of ‘what if’ for one day. In this game, you act as if you would already be the person you’d like to be, for one day. In other words, pretend that you’ve arrived to your ‘then’ moment.

This is about thinking, speaking, acting and behaving in ways you would think you’d do, if you already were

  • Happy
  • Clear
  • In love
  • Wealthy
  • Fit
  • Successful
  • Married
  • or whatever it is that you would like to be.

Listen. This game does not, for example, give you permission to start to spend money like you would, when you’re financially free. No, that kind of behavior would only lead you in the troubles way.

This game means, that you already have an idea of what kind of person you’d be when you are financially free – how you would think about things then, how you would speak then, how you would treat others around you, how you would set the table when eating, in what manner would you hold yourself and walk then. And to do and be those things as much as possible with the resources you already have. You don’t have to spend any money to be able to do those things.

Even with the shabbiest china, you could set the table in a manner you would like, when you’re financially free. Even with the shabbiest clothes, you could hold yourself and walk in a manner you would like, when you’re financially free. Even with the shabbiest conditions, you could treat yourself and those around you in a manner you would like, when you’re financially free. Got the picture? Good!

So, will you accept the challenge?
I’m with ya! Let’s have fun with it!

(Do reach out through the contact form and report back how it was and what happened. Can’t wait to read about your realizations!)

If the challenge at any point feels a bit uncomfortable, it’s nothing to worry about. Cause it’s a process. Just like making, for example, a snowman is.

Have you ever made a snowman? 

If you haven’t, there is this time right in the beginning of the process, in which you start to roll this tiny snowball in the wet snow to make it bigger. And, for a short while, it seems like nothing’s happening. You roll the snowball, but it’s not getting bigger.

Yet, if you consistently keep rolling, you soon reach a point, in which the momentum suddenly kicks in and the ball starts to get really big really fast!

The simple trick is to just keep rolling and not to give up.

Also, remember that it is a process. Cause after the first snowball is done, the same thing starts all over again! This time it’s of course easier to know that you’ll get there, as you have prior experience, and you know the rules, so to say.

The same applies to so many things in our lives!

If we reflect it back to daring to take action, there’s one more thing I want to tell you. If you, no matter how impossible it may at first seem, continuously and consistently take even the smallest action in alignment with the wanted outcome, you keep rolling the snowball. With every action, it gets bigger and the momentum grows. Until one day, you’ll notice that you’ve taken massive leaps forward.

As in everything, there’s the flip side to this.

When the action you take is in alignment with the wanted outcome, then the momentum favors it. However, if the action you take is not in alignment, then the momentum takes you further away from the wanted outcome.

For example, if you have a new course you’d like to build for your clients, instead of just thinking about doing it, take the first actual step forward. It can be writing down the name of the course. Or writing down the topics you’d like to cover. Or the date when you’d like to launch it. All of these actions guide your focus towards the actual creation. And one such small step after another takes you further than you could even imagine.

But, if you just keep thinking about doing the course, all you get is thinking about it.

So, be mindful to which direction you’re rolling your snowballs! LOL!

Much love,