Breaking the routines

As I started my entrepreneurial career seven years ago I was full of inspiration and convinced I’d never need a vacation.

I declared out loud everywhere how I lived and created a life from which I did not need a vacation. And it was true, it still is true.

In that moment, however, it came out of the need to live a more meaningful life. Until then, professionally, I had been pursuing dreams that were not mine. I had been living a life I thought I should live. Not a life that I dreamed to live. I honestly did not even know how to dream for myself.

Now, seven years later, I took the first real winter vacation since I became an entrepreneur. I did not book a single coaching session for one week. I did not book a single meeting for one week. I did not book any time to work in or on my business for one week.

Not because I need a vacation. But because I’ve come to learn how much breaking the routines every once in a while actually inspires me. Because I’ve learned that taking a break from things that you usually do daily creates space for new ideas to come up. Because I’ve learned that doing something different for a while raises me to the next level on everything I do and enables me to serve my clients, my purpose and the world much better.

And I love it!

I now cherish vacations as an opportunity to let go of everything. As an opportunity to allow a sacred space to open. As an opportunity to connect more deeply with the Infinite Intelligence that flows within us all.

And creation from that sweet inspired spot is beyond this world awesome.

After a week off, I’m rested, rejuvenated and re-energized. The divine ideas are flowing and I can’t wait to get back to business!

Much love,