What’s success in your life?

There are so many definitions of success in our society, but when did you last stop to consider what success really looks and feels like to you? In your own life?

Often, too long time ago, in my opinion.

So many blindly follow what you think society expects success to be for you and end up striving for all the wrong things in life.

That’s a sure way to give your own power away. You don’t mean to, I know, but that’s what happens anyway.

As a consequence you

  • feel like you don’t have any freedom in your life
  • don’t take responsibility of the things you could change
  • blame outside conditions and forces for your misfortunes.

Then, when success doesn’t happen the way you thought it should, under stress and (sometimes imagined) outside pressure you freeze, thinking

  • I’m not enough
  • I don’t have what it takes
  • who am I to even dream of this kind of success?

At this point, you question what’s the point in even trying. It feels like the only option is to give up and quit, right?

Absolutely not.

What you need now is to step out of your own way and define what success really means to you.

That’s what we do in a no-cost training I’m running.

I’m going to be supporting a small handful of people in clarifying what success really looks and feels like for them, and in making it happen, so you can live the life you’re truly meant for.

Want to know more?

Get in touch throught the contact form and I’ll share the details.

When you do this, everything else in your life starts to work better, too. Especially your mindset, actions and results.

To your success!

Much love,