How to leap from stuck to the next level?

A much bigger vision is what gets you to the next level.

Wherever you are in your life at the moment, there is a self-imposed limit. There always is. Your potentiality is your ability to develop. And really, it’s endless.

Yet, you decide how much you can have. Just notice how big you’re willing to envision. Where your capability to envision ends, it’s where your self-imposed limits lie.

In reality, there’s a limitless supply available, if only we dare to dream a bigger dream. And part of dreaming bigger is to ask for more.

However big you want to play, it all happens in your mind. In your mind anything is possible. There’s no such thing as asking for ‘too much’. The thought of too much is an issue of self worth (and that’s a totally different ball game for which I’ve created a life-changing online mini course – ask for more details here).

So, what is it that you desire?

If all is possible, what would you like to do and create within the next 12 months? Or perhaps the next 12 weeks?

As you stretch your vision, you stretch your potentiality. And stretching your potentiality is what gets you to the next level.

Much love,