How to get unstuck and unstoppable

As we’re making the most of the coming months, let’s remember to keep our minds open and thus, the momentum going strong in our favor.

Closed mind is really our biggest enemy in the game of life. With it, one becomes unimaginative and gets stuck. Not being able to take in new information. Any information, come to that.

All this leads to shrinking of efforts and contribution, as well as decreasing investment – time and other wise. Frustration, resentment and anger become the guiding principles. Not really the ideal companions in living life to the fullest, ha! Nor in leading a successful business.

With closed mind our attention is in playing the game not to lose. In other words, focusing on all things not going our way. On the struggle. As you can imagine, sooner or later this leads to getting stuck and not being able to do anything. This is not the direction we want the momentum rolling.

With open mind, we play the game to win. In other words, we’re open to see the opportunities around us. Our focus is on things we can control and taking action on those things. This, of course, leads to momentum that is more favorable and purposeful.

However, making the change from stuck to unstuck requires conscious effort. Depending on the situation, there are three ways to navigate through this tricky situation. Download my 3 Steps to Get Unstuck & Unstoppable -guide for learning how to stay out of your own way. Click here to download.

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