With my business, I went from being too shy to put myself forward on stage to now being an outgoing, confident, in demand expert and speaker in CPTSD coaching, Schindler’s Human Needs and a great many other areas. I now have a thriving personal coaching practice. I’ve appeared in the biggest breakfast show in Finland, speak on major radio shows, am regularly featured in women’s magazines and am producing and speaking in Fun&Fearless with many speakers from around the world.

The messages that I regularly get from my clients, reporting back the BIG results they’re getting, are the best. I honestly get to work and spend time with the most awesome people both here in Finland and while traveling internationally for my work.

In my coaching, I combine my diverse experiences in a comprehensive, practical way. It’s not just dreaming and wanting, it’s a way of acting and behaving, coming down to very practical little things of our everyday actions. It’s about developing powerful habits that allow you to live your dream life.

My definite strengths are the ability to see and understand the bigger picture and to notice the deeper and real reasons behind what might seem like the obvious causes and effects. My definite weakness is that I’m a sucker for comfort. I don’t like to push forward with the taste of blood in my mouth (although, there’s a place for that too, sometimes). Yet I’ve found incredible ways to build upon both, the strengths and the weaknesses, in a way that I’m able to guide people towards what they want much faster and with practical, real life results.

I am especially good with people who are used to pull back when facing difficult experiences in life as well as those who are more helpful than pushy.