New year, more stress?

Busy start of the new year? Stress levels up already?

First, I want to tell you that you’re not alone.

Although, this information does not make it ok in a way, that we don’t have to do anything about it. What we don’t change, we choose.

But let’s not try to change our lives so that we wouldn’t have any stress at all. Side note: from first hand experience I can tell, that it would be a very stressful goal, ha!

We need stress to thrive. It’s good for us. As long as there’s not only stress, but also recovery. And, as I’ve learned, these two should be in balance.

For that reason, I’m committed to strengthen my daily stress relief routines this year as part of my wellbeing and self-care practices. Science tells that it’s also good for our immune system – just an extra bonus during these times!

My first action on this, is to attend my colleague’s stress release workshop later this week. For Finnish speaking friends, click here for more information. In case you want to join, I assure you that Miia is beyond amazing! I look forward to learn new techniques as well as to create a new daily routine that I can practice for the coming months.

It comes in handy, because so far, the start of the year has been somewhat breathtaking, although in a good way. Yet, the excitement increases our stress levels also, and we need recovery from that, too.

This has been a big lesson for me. Still is. That I need time to not only recover from the hard times in life, but also the good.

For some reason, it feels easier to schedule recovery time when something bad has happened, than when something good has happened. Have you noticed the same?

I’m getting better at reserving down time, for example, after intense workshops or events I’m attending. But I still need to practice taking time for recovery after hearing good and exciting news. Or after inspirational planning sessions with my mastermind group.

One of the ways I notice I’m stressed is that my body gets tensed and I change my breathing. I somehow suppress it. And it feels like I use only a small fraction of my full breathing capacity.

If you have the same, then try my favorite breathing technique to calm your mind and your body down:

  • breath in counting to three
  • breath out counting to five 

I usually start my day by doing this breathing exercise for 15 minutes. I also take few minutes through out the day and stop to breath. Sometimes I shorten the breath-in to two and lengthen the breath-out to eight.

When the days are filled with excitement, and if I don’t take any time to release that excitement, I notice it immediately with the daily chores. Somehow it’s harder to organize the mess, or fold the laundry, or prepare the dinner.

Earlier I thought it’s because I’m lazy. Now I know it’s because I’m stressed.

Which is why I’m thrilled about the upcoming workshop and the new additions to my tool box, so I can get better at releasing stress on daily basis. I’m committed at getting my stress-recovery ratio even better this year.

Are you with me? What do you choose to do for your wellbeing?

Much love,