Changing the goal is not the solution

As much as we’d like, success is not a straight forward path. Well, not straight in a sense that there would be no obstacles or no plateaus on the way. Because those we face consistently – again and again – just because we’re human.

The obstacles and plateaus are actually necessary steps on the way. At every plateau, it is the breakthrough in the mindset that moves us up and forward. It’s the shifting of the perspective. And the only real work required to move to the next level, is the work with your own mindset.

However, where people often make mistakes and misinterpretations is when facing those obstacles or hitting those plateaus. Cause, often then, those are regarded as signs that what we want is wrong. And that we should change the goal.

Too often the goal is too hastily changed, or made smaller somehow, because the original one felt unattainable. Or too hard. Or involved too painful experiences, the ones we’d so like to avoid.

Changing the goal seems like an obvious solution.

But it hardly never is. Because the problem isn’t the goal in the first place. The goal is actually the solution! By changing the goal we show that we have no idea what the real problem is! And we end up creating more problems.

I’m not saying that it never is a solution to change the goal. It may very well be, if your goal is not inspiring enough. But it’s never something we should jump to immediately.

There is a saying that before you can have something, you must do something. And before you can do something, you must be something.

The problem always stems from the level of being. From who and what you are as you’re taking action. Therefore, instead of changing the goal, the solution is to change the path to the goal. And to change who you are on that path.

This past week we radically changed the path of a fast growing start-up by making sure that the owners remembered to dream bigger and on time. In a three hour session we clarified the main goals and the next steps and as a result, they have a plan that felt like a distant dream before, but which turned out to be the most realistic, and nonresistant, path forward. Most of the work is actually done already and it involved only working on the mindset. The rest is to follow automatically due to the shift in perspective.

A shift in the mindset creates the shift in the results.

Much love,