Give me a break!

Few weeks back there was this headline about work time in Finland. This big boss of a huge corporation was talking about not having had a summer vacation in four years. I was sure he was in need of one.

But no. He actually is an advocate for transitioning Finland into a 7-day workweek mode, where no one needs a vacation. What can I say. Other than, give me a break!

It is incredible how this old-fashioned way of thinking, that is inherited from the 20th century is still popular in the business world in the 21st century. That effectiveness is about the hours you put in. And even worse, that in order to be successful, which requires creativity, you need to basically just work, work, work.

Science has proved the truth to be something else, though. Which is why I, too, both encourage you to take a break every once in a while and take one regularly myself.

For inspiration, check out what Emma Seppälä, the Yale and Stanford Psychologist and Happiness Researcher, has to say about creativity in her Instagram post here.

Also, the recent results of Iceland’s trials on four-day workweek suggest otherwise. In summary, the impact has been positive to both employees and businesses. You can read a report analyzing the impact of the trial in here. The topic is also widely covered in the media, for example in The Washington Post and in

In the name of creativity and wellbeing, let’s enjoy the break when it’s time to do so in order to bring out the best in us!

Much love,