This has been quite a year so far!

I salute you for showing up for yourself and for your dreams even in times of uncertainty and, quite frankly, craziness.

It’s not always easy, yet it’s something we need to do. No matter how clumsily or imperfectly we do it, or how small of a step we take, the only thing that matters is that you show up. Keep breathing and show up.

Yet this time also reminds us of how important it is to be willing to receive. The seeds we’ve planted have grown and are now producing. To be able to enjoy the produce, and to receive the rewards, we need to be willing to reap and harvest. Acts in which we need to invest both time and resources.

As I long for more structured way of going forward with my business, I’ve been open to find someone to guide me through the next phase. Someone who has done the same for her own business that I want to do with my business.

I found an option and had an initial call with one of her advisors already few weeks ago and last week I had a strategy meeting with one of her strategists.

Whenever I’m investing in my business, it’s most importantly about the mindset, which has always been the favorite part for me, it’s my passion (as you might come to notice), but also about strategies, structures and accountability that comes with having someone to champion you on your journey.

Me investing time and resources to take the next steps towards the direction that has been calling me for a while now, is both reaping and harvesting the current produce and it’s also planting new seeds for future produce. 

With the amazing projects coming up, I need to up-level both myself and my business to rock the new normal.

This coming fall brings with it such beautiful new beginnings. Let’s make the most out of them and enjoy the journey!

Much love,