A journey of self love

Has loving yourself ever been a challenge in your life? Yes? 

I don’t know if this helps at all, but you’re not alone.

All suffering in our lives can be traced back to not loving ourselves, not valuing ourselves and not appreciating ourselves.

We’re all learning self compassion. Acknowledging your part and forgiving yourself is a big part of that journey.

This we can learn from my guest’s story on this weeks episode of The Insights Within Podcast

Elizabeth Soto-Baez, a transformational and mastery certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and certified & trauma informed breathwork facilitator, shares some of her own story of what it is to lose yourself and your passion for life and what role does self-love play in drawing back to yourself.

You’ll get insights on

  • what self love really is
  • how to reclaim your intuition and personal power
  • how to stay grounded and present in your life
  • why acknowledging your own part in the story is so important.

What Liz shares about launching her life after divorce in this episode, episode #4, isn’t only applicable in her situation – there are golden nuggets and lessons to be learned for all of us, no matter in what situation we’re at in our lives and businesses.

Go listen now and let me know!

Much love,

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