You’ve got to make a decision!

Having talked about miracles last time, what do you think actually kicks-off the process of a miracle happening?

In my experience, the starting point is making a decision.

When you make a clear decision on whatever it is that you’d like to make happen / change (that is within your own control) and align your actions with that decision, miracles start to occur. Have you ever experienced this?

If not, send me a message and let’s connect. It’s time you get a miracle in your life. I’m not kidding!

Does it require work from your end?

Of course! But not necessarily the kind you think.

Rather than hassling in the outside, this calls for hassling in the inside. To keep your s**t together, as one of my gentlemen clients so eloquently puts it. Ha!

When you make a clear decision and align your actions with it, even when you’re not sure what’s really gonna come out of it, it just shifts your self-image. Who you are in the world suddenly changes. And as a consequence, how you go about life changes, too.

Naturally we’re going to face challenges along the way – we never know what life throws at us – but having made a clear decision helps us stay committed.

According to the neuroscience of decision making, when you know what you want and make a clear decision on going for it, it enables you to

  • prioritize and allocate resources effectively
  • pursue actions that are consistent with your goal as well as your values and preferences.

It also 

  • reduces the levels of uncertainty and ambiguity
  • boosts your confidence and motivation to take action. 

In contrast, indecisiveness or hesitation can lead to missed opportunities, wasted time and resources, and suboptimal outcomes and leave us feeling like a failure.

Yet, it has to be said that mistakes and failures are part of each and every journey. Even, and especially, the most successful ones.

What matters, though, is that in each moment you have the choice to stay committed to your decision. Keep choosing it and keep reminding yourself of it, even in the midst of making mistakes and failing.

We can always choose to let the hardship win and take over or to use it to get even more clear on what it is that we want to make happen and why.

The choice is yours.
But you’ve got to make a decision.

Much love,