Don’t just do what you love, also love what you do

Last week I spent more or less time wandering around the swamps close to our summer cottage, picking cloudberries and enjoying the nature.

I love berry picking for many reasons. One of them being that while doing it, my mind gets a break from dwelling in the past or of making future plans. Constant movement of the body and the act of picking, together with spotting the berries and watching where you’re stepping, keeps your mind focused in the present moment. 

Being present, in the present moment, is the best kind of rest that we can give to our mind. (Note! No berry picking is required nor necessary for this to happen, though!)

It’s also about giving yourself a chance to get your creativity flowing.

We are all creative. Yet sometimes we forget it, or block our creativity with too much of shoulding. Someone said that being creative is about mindfully intending what we do. 

So, not only doing what we love, but also loving what we do.

For me, berry picking does not only allow downtime for my mind, but it also sparks creativity. And I can’t wait to let you know more about the world-changing ideas that popped up this week. I’m sure my team members have noticed the extra boost this week too, ha! 

Creativity is what gets your juices flowing and I really encourage you to practice it regularly. Express your creativity through whatever your preferred medium is. And make it a habit.

If you at this point sigh, thinking you don’t have time for this… take a look at your days and decide what needs to go in order for you to make time for your creative practice.

My suggestion is to first check how much time you use up daily for intending to do something (yet not doing it) and use that time for actually practicing your creativity. 

You’ll be surprised by how much time you suddenly have in your hands. (I speak this very confidently from experience – both my own (ha!) and countless of clients’.)

And don’t worry, as Maya Angelou said: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


Much love,