The biggest waste of time and energy in business and in life

You know what has probably been the biggest mistake I’ve done when running my own business? The one that has been a complete waste of time and energy? And possibly the biggest road block on my way to success?

It’s the act of pretending to be someone else than you really are. (Just be gentle with me and perhaps with yourself too here, there’s usually shame involved in admitting things like this and judging certainly doesn’t help!)

Now, I’m not talking about ‘faking it ’till you’re making it’ kinda stuff. Into which I either do not believe. I prefer ‘believing it ’till you’re seeing it‘.

I’m talking about the screwed up idea that there is a certain way, and I mean only one right way, to be successful in life. Followed by the notion that it’s really a privilege only a few of us get to enjoy (the one’s anointed by the universe, really).

All which I twisted in my head to mean that if I’d ever want to be successful and make it in my life, I’d have to be a completely different person than I really am. I’m simply not good enough the way I am.

Well, as you can see, this wasn’t exactly an empowering thought. It led to a path of struggle rather than strength. And far from living a content, happy life.

Last week, as I was running a happiness huddle session* for a Minnesotan heart clinic leadership group, I was reminded of my fear of being inadequate. And of the time and energy wasted trying to measure up to nonexistent standards wishing to be anointed. Which never happened.

If I hadn’t come to peace with myself, set my own standards for success and went for it on my own terms, I would not have been running that happiness huddle session. Nor would I have been coaching the amazing CEO’s or startup teams or leadership groups or solopreneurs I did last week. 

I’m sharing this in hopes that someone reading this would be inspired to leave the pretend behind and come to peace with the truth that you are enough and worthy of the good that life has to offer. Of a path of strength and happiness.

Much love,

*Happiness huddle sessions are part of The Happiness PracticeTM (THP), a six-month journey, that I facilitate for organizations and individuals. It is proven to transform people, teams and organizations and build engaged, happy, productive cultures of wellbeing — able to retain, attract and optimize top talent — and cultivate true competitive advantage. For more information, get in touch!