Permission to dream big!

I’m thrilled you’re here!

And I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome the new readers and shortly introduce myself.

My name is Paula and I’m a success coach and happiness evangelist from Finland. These weekly notes are here for the sole purpose of reminding you that you are the key to your success!

My mission is to inspire you to find your own unique way to succeed, both in business, in life and in living your dreams come true. In these weekly notes I share tips and lessons learned from my own and my clients’ journeys to inspire you on yours.

Why? Because, success belongs to us all! It’s not just for a selected few. 

We all have our own unique place in this world. A place that no one else can take. It’s given to you on birth and waiting for you to claim it. 

One (crucial) part of stepping in to your unique brilliance, is to dream big. Big in this matter doesn’t necessarily mean the size or amount. It’s about daring to dream exactly what you want. Not someone else’s dreams, not even someone else’s dreams for you. But your own deepest desires. Without any adjustments or alterations due to other people or outside conditions.

And to do so without the need to make them any smaller. Not even in order to accommodate someone’s feelings. Or to not outshine someone.

Neither is there a need to explain your dreams. In any way. Not even to get someone’s permission. Which, I’m sure they happily grant you (me included), but don’t get me wrong, won’t really make a difference.

Because the only permission you need is your own.

For years I was seeking the permission to dream big only from the outside sources, meaning from other people than myself. But it didn’t quite work. No matter who gave it to me, and no matter how many times they gave it to me.

Realizing, that I was missing my own permission, I did two things to grant it for myself.

  1. I stated my dreams out loud to myself.
  2. I wrote my dreams on a paper so that I can see them.  

Both of those things I did without making my dreams any smaller than they really were, and without explaining them in any way. It required effort, yet with repetition it got easier. 

I repeated the first step until I was ready to tell a safe person my dreams without the need to make them smaller or to explain them. I repeated the second step until I didn’t feel the need to hide my written dreams anymore (yes, in the beginning, I always either ripped or burned (in a fire friendly and safe place) the papers I had written my goals on, so that no one could ever see them).

The truth is, that you already have a permission to want what you want. To dream what you dream. It was handed to you upon your birth. No one can take it from you.

Only, we sometimes forget it and place imagined limits upon our dreams. Without those imagined limits, there are none.

The only acceptable self placed limit really is, that you dream within your value system. You already know, that wanting something for yourself at the expense of anyone’s wellbeing and/or prosperity, including your own, is not the key to sustainable success.

You are the key to your success and there’s plenty for us all!

Your dreams are yours to keep. They matter. And you have a permission to dream whatever it is that you dream. Without guilt!

Much love,