Let it be easy!

Every year I select a theme for the whole year, one that applies to all areas of my life and carries through all that I do. This year it’s definitely: Let it be easy. Consistently.

I first adopted this from one of my mentors years ago, and have come to appreciate it even more as time goes by. It has proven to be a very useful and purposeful strategy to, well, anything in living a good life!

We all have our own way of interpreting what it means to let it be easy. For me, it most of all means to allow myself to go forward with my ideas. Not stopping myself a.k.a not self-sabotaging.

Have you noticed how sometimes, when you get a marvelous idea, but don’t take action on it immediately (remember, even the smallest steps count, nothing massive is ever required to take things further), you end up forgetting or doubting that idea later? Not going forward with it at all? Burying it before giving it a real chance?

Yeah, I know that feeling too well!

That’s why I have cultivated a habit to follow the idea, or hunch, immediately. Usually it means I take a small step forward, although sometimes it’s a bigger commitment. 

Why do I do that?

Not so much to make the wanted end result reality, but rather to teach myself to trust my own ideas too, and to take action on them. I’ve learned to trust the process of creation over the end result. And as a consequence, I’m enjoying the journey much more!

For example, one of the reasons we get stuck with our ideas is that they feel like fantasies. Too good to be true. In this case, even the smallest steps in direction of the idea makes it much more real in our minds. And the more real it is, the more prone we’re to act accordingly.

While self-sabotaging the idea looks something like

  • Am I absolutely sure this is going to work?
  • Who am I to do this?
  • What if I’ll make a fool out of myself?

Letting it be easy looks something like

  • returning to the idea regularly, just thinking about it on daily basis
  • writing the idea down, so it becomes somewhat visible (and possibly more clear in your mind)
  • exploring the idea further by sharing it with a trusted friend or a coach (someone you know will be there for you and support you in seeing it more clearly)

Towards the end of last year, I took an inspired step forward with one of my dreams. It was one of those moments, when the idea of how to go forward just appeared and I took immediate action on it. Just for the fun of it, without any other expectations than that I’d do it.

In December I heard that I’d been accepted as Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor for the Entrepreneur.com!!

And this week I submitted my first article for reviewal! 

This is so exciting, realizing that I’m actually living a dream come true. I can’t wait to start working with my editor, learning to become a better writer and being able to wildly and widely inspire others to succeed on their own terms!

As we open ourselves up for opportunities, they appear.

Now it’s your turn!
What does let it be easy mean for you?
And how can you cultivate it in your life?

Much love,

Ps. Out of the blue, I was approached by another international media this week for freelancing and other contributor opportunities, too!