A tale of two Aprils: Life Defining Moments

I often start a lecture or a workshop by introducing myself with the picture on the left (below), which is me 14 years ago in April, just three days after our oldest was born. My liver wasn’t functioning, my pancreas was swollen and my kidneys were failing.

A day or two later, when my condition was getting worse, I woke up realizing I had no connection with my firstborn. Right there and then I made the decision to change it, even if it would be the last thing I’d be able to do. Life defining moment #1 – the power of decision.

No one knows exactly what happened (the doctors called it a miracle), but on day nine I was at home. On day 10 we got our newborn home, too. Much later, I got a call from a doctor saying I was lucky to be alive – it had been a matter of hours, if not minutes, that I’d survived. I hadn’t known. And in that second everything changed. The whole world. Life defining moment #2 – the shift can happen in an instant.

In my healing process, these two moments led me to a deep self inquiry and to a very different life path than I had previously been, although it took few more life defining moments to go full in. Which brings me to the picture on the right.

That’s me last Friday morning, an entrepreneur of 9 years, coming out of yet another life changing session with female founders and start-up CEOs who are transforming their lives and businesses by taking the leading role and cultivating happiness as a competitive advantage.

Life’s adversities can take us temporarily down, yes, but they can also light us up and become life defining moments in our stories. One thing I know for sure is that when we change, the whole world changes. And what we’ve survived can empower us the thrive.

If you’re in a phase of transforming your life story, be gentle and start with getting to know who you really are, what are your values, your boundaries, your deepest desires. Then let these be part of your daily life. I guarantee much more than you think, is already possible now.

The only warning word I say is that in this transformational journey, be mindful to go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated. Surround yourself with people who truly appreciate and value you, just as you are. You’re never alone and this journey is not meant to be lonely.

I’m here rooting for you.

Much love,