Dream coming true isn’t always a bed of roses

Did I mention stress levels last week? Well, they were up to roof later that week…

As my first article on Entrepreneur.com has gotten attention, it meant that I became visible. And as you know, visibility is not my favorite cup of tea. It’s something that still gets my stress levels up.

Which means, that last week was pretty much about me floundering between whether to confidently show up and take credit for what I’ve done and share it with the world, or just to curl up under the blankets and withdraw to the hurdles of The Queen’s Gambit. (I did both!)

Such emotional roller coasters are exhausting.

This is not how I imagine my response to visibility be forever, though. I know this, too, shall pass as I find suitable tools to deal with the stressful situations.

Here’s why I’m telling you this. Even though someone is living a dream come true, it doesn’t mean life is always a bed of roses. Even in times when all seems to be good, there’s a big chance of some kind of inner struggle.

And if that’s the case, these are the moments, when we need to be ready to do the work within. Otherwise we end up going in circles that don’t serve anyones good. Let me use my situation as an example.

It seems like the cause of all this was me writing an article. Thus, to treat the symptom, aka the need to withdraw, and furthermore to avoid the uncomfortable feelings, I obviously need to stop writing. Right?

Is it really so? As we know by now, not pursuing our deepest desires, our natural inclinations, leads to a very unsatisfying and frustrating life in the long term, and it comes with severe consequences.

Ok, if not writing is not the solution, where do we go next?

Let’s get curious about what is really going on. What is behind the uncomfortable feeling and need to withdraw? Is it really about writing articles? Or something else?

We don’t even need to know what it exactly is, it’s enough that we notice what it is not. And in this case, it’s not about writing articles.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the treatment is not to stop writing. Rather, the suitable treatment now seems to be to first check if we’re in real danger (which we’re not), and then to find ways to calm ourselves down in stressful moments.

I told you earlier, that I was going to attend my friend’s stress release workshop (in Finnish) last week, and by the time it started on Thursday evening, I was beyond ready to do something about the situation. Just for your information only, much of the stress was released by bursting into tears during many of the exercises we did. Such a splendid timing for the workshop!

Then, after we’re calmer, the next step is to explore the question of how can we make it easier for ourselves in the future?

Think in terms of constructiveness (this is the point where it’s easy to go with the easiest choice, which rarely end up being beneficial in the long term. So, pay attention, as what makes it easier does not always mean it’s the easiest way).

In my case, I’ve made sure I have my inner circle, my safe people, around me. It seems so simple, yet it means a world to me. In the end, it can be that easy. Although, coming to this point hasn’t always been.

And, I’m curious to know what the future holds, as more visibility is ahead. Seems like I get to practice my newly acquired stress release tools combined with the ones I already had. Let’s hang on!

Much love,