Doing vs. being

I love fall!

This season is such an inspiration year after year to reflect upon the changes that are happening around us. It is in this season that, without any fuss, nor resistance, the nature lets go of the old and prepares to move on. Such a powerful lesson for us humans to learn. 

As the winds of adversity are picking up, nature doesn’t curl up in fear. Like a tree, it deepens it’s roots, when the winds are strong. And without those deep roots, the future produce would not be possible. 

It’s easy to be more impressed by the fruit than the roots. Or the product than the process. But it’s not the fruit nor the product that we’re supposed to trust and safeguard. It’s the process of creation.

When we trust in our ability to create and in the process of creation, we can build anything from the beginning, no matter what is going on.

It’s good to remember, that even though the process of creation naturally involves doing, it’s the being that is the deeper part. It defines who we are and how we make a life. Or a product.

Doing involves more tangible things, such as accomplishments and is tied closely with taking action. Being, on the other hand, can’t be measured by such objective yardsticks. However, being is far more lasting and inspiring than mere doing will ever be.

If you need some kind of  proof for this conclusion, just take a look at any statistics of work-life balance scores or wellbeing at work studies that have been made during the resent years and you can see that the endless race for more productivity and accomplishments have led to very unfulfilling being.

No matter how prestigious job status or title or achievement or accomplishment, or bank account balance, the value doesn’t come from any of those. It comes from the process of creation. And how you created anything in your life, who you were in your actions, defines the level of the satisfaction.

The being is at the root of it all.

While you’re asking yourself what it is that you want to do, ask also what do I want to be in the process.

Much love,