The blessed idle moments

Just a short note today as we’re enjoying the start of a fall vacation here with my family. No hurry in the morning, crispy fall air, getting cozy in the candle light and, of course, some delicious food <3

This is the time of year when I feel urged from within to withdraw from everyday hurdles and start putting all things in order. I’m going through the cupboards and closets, decluttering old unnecessary items and letting them go. This is a ritual I like to have time for, cause in the process, I’m not only organizing and letting go of the physical ‘stuff’, but also organizing and letting go of the invisible ‘stuff’ mentally. Such an important process!

I could easile dive into putting pins in the sewing kit in color coded order and do seemingly meaningless tinkering like that for hours on ends. Really, it’s the daydreaming that takes place simultaneously, consuming most of the time.

Unfortunately, in today’s world we seem to have less and less time for idle moments like these, no matter how vital they are for our wellbeing.

Researchers have actually been worried of what the effects of our always on, never idle way of living has on the society in long term. Especially in terms of coming up with fresh and innovative ideas. Creativity and innovation require idling.

And, it’s usually during those idle moments that the best ideas come through. They have space to appear as well as you have bandwidth to receive. These idle moments don’t have to be tinkering for hours on end, either. Short moments, taken consistently, work just as well.

For example, meeting with a client of mine this week, she was almost out of breath telling me about something that had gotten under her skin earlier. After we took a really short break breathing in counting to three and breathing out counting to five, she calmed down and her mind got to be at ease. With this ease, it was much easier for her to continue and dig into what was really at the bottom of it all. From there, the next steps were obvious.

But don’t trust me on this one – experiment it yourself and let me know what happened! Did you notice any difference in your being after idling?

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Much love,