How about a different perspective?

“Is it hard to live with these changes and conditions?”

A question I got last week in a connect call with an awesomely badass health coach from Midwest, in regards to our winter.

I often forget how exotic our living conditions might seem to foreigners. Especially for those who live further away from the Arctic Circle.

We’re living the darkest time of the year (season wise!). The contrast to summer is literally like day and night. When in the summer we have 24 hours of daylight, we now have only few. In the northern most parts of Finland, after sun set on Nov 25, it won’t rise before Jan 18, 2023. Yep.

The answer is that I do see a difference in my being as seasons change, yet I don’t consider it as hard. Just different.

That’s one superpower all of us have. The choice of how we see and interpret things that happen. And our ability to change perspectives.

Last Monday I was holding a workshop with a dear colleague of mine to a group of entrepreneurs. The main theme of the day was the ability to change perspective. It’s such a vital skill to be able to change the way you view ideas, opinions, events and situations – especially when it seems that they do not work for you.

In that case, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself:

  • If there would be a positive purpose behind this, what would it be?
  • What positive and constructive consequences this can have in my life?
  • How will this turn to my benefit in the future?

When you change your perspective, you also change your emotional response, your behavior and your attitude.

Much love,