Do you dare to desire?

We have not only metaphorically but also literally started a new season in life as fall has arrived! And what is a better way to start the new than by getting clear on what it is that you actually want!

This can only mean one thing – it’s time to D E S I R E !!

Buckle up, my friend, cause if you’re like me and were taught that it is not ok to want whatever it is that you want, that it’s only ok to desire some things, whilst others are definitely off the list, then this might be a bumpy ride for you!

Cause we PLAY BIG with our desires!!

I have not once had a male client coming in and telling me what it is that he desires and then starting to explain it or to make it smaller somehow. Not once.

Yet I have countless of women coming in for coaching and immediately after they’ve told their desires, they have started to make them smaller or to massively explain themselves, almost like they’d be expecting me to give them a permission to desire what they desire. Which I, of course, give them!

Not for the reason that my permission would really matter, there is no need for that, but because you matterYour desires matter. You already have a permission to want what you want!

And most of all, you have a permission to be YOU!
A permission that was handed to you as a gift when you were born.

No one can take it from you. Only you can limit yourself with your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. Without those limits, there are none.

Let me explain what I mean. We have no limits in our thinking. In our thoughts we can travel to the moon and back in a split of a second.

Every human-made thing you see around you, has first existed in someone’s imagination. It has been someone’s desire. That’s the first step of manifesting and creating anything in this life. So, let yourself do that! Let yourself desire without limits!

The only thing, that we are strict about, is that you do it within your value system. Successful women never want anything for themselves at the expense of others. There’s enough for all of us to go around!

So, the question is, do you dare to desire?
I mean, really desire?

Getting clear on your desires is the beginning of consciously creating anything in your life. If you’re not clear on your desires, you end up being busy serving only the desires of others.

This only leads to forgetting the purpose, the real why behind your actions. Which, in the long run, is one of the reasons so many people feel frustrated in their lives. Yet, not being able to tell why, exactly.

So, get clear on your desires. Let yourself want what you want (without judgement) and take time to notice what it is that you want.

Here’s how:

  • Think about how you would like your life to be from now on
  • Identify what it is that you desire regularly in your everyday life
  • Think about how you would like your life to be different at the moment.
  • Book a clarity session with me through the contact form (investment €434).

When you’re taking time to desire and to really get clear on what it is that you want in life, it’s important that you only answer to the question of what. Not how! Just what.

Time for the how is much later in the process. Right now, your job is to get clear on what – what do you desire. Be honest to yourself and go wild with it!

What comes to desiring and dreaming BIG… It only means that you desire and dream about what you really want. Without trying to make it a fit for someone else than you.

Desiring or dreaming big is not about having to want the most expensive or the grandest version available. Or that instead of dreaming about one specific thing, you should dream about ten of those. No. That’s nonsense.

Desiring and dreaming big is about daring to desire whatever it is that you truly desire!

And sometimes our big desires are really simple. Like, for example, for one of my long time private coaching clients. Few years ago, as she had a special day coming up, she was planning to organize a party for her friends to celebrate the occasion. The only thing was, that she was not looking forward to that party.

When I asked her what she really desired to do, or how she really desired to celebrate her special occasion, she said she’d actually like to celebrate it alone. That she’d like to arrange something only for herself.

That is what desiring or dreaming big is all about – you daring to desire what you desire, without letting anyone, even yourself, to make it wrong in any way.

Having realized that, my client ended up having a wonderful day only for herself, even though she at first was afraid that her friends would neither like it nor approve of it.

Now it’s your turn.
Dare to desire and cherish those desires that are true to you!

And don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you be with your desires. We’ll explore how to go forward with them in the future blogs. Like I said earlier, it’s a process.

Much love,