Trapped in wanting more? Here’s what to do.

Do you feel you could be and experience more in this world? Maybe even a lot more? And do it in a way that is energizing to you?


I’m right there with ya!!

And I want to let you in with a little secret about doing exactly that. The key is to shift from wanting into being. Simple, yet not always obvious or easy.

Yes, that inner work again.

It’s a very different energy to be in the wanting than to be in alignment with what you want.

When we are wanting something, energetically we keep it at least an arm’s length away from us. No matter how much me move toward it, a.k.a. work to make it happen, we don’t get any closer. Not if there’s no shift in our energy. Not if we’re not seeing ourselves receiving what we want.

So far, none of my clients have come to me because they say that they want to make that inner shift happen. Nonetheless, that’s the work we do with everyone.

Now, one of my dreams is that, in the future, my clients are consciously understanding this and seeking coaching for it.

See what just happened? 

With those few innocents words of ‘in the future’, I just placed what I want at least an arm’s length away from me. That’s how subtle it often is. And my job is to coach you close that gap and get you into energy of being instead of wanting.

Thus, for the coming week, try replacing the word want with I’m going to.

I want to get new clients.
I’m going to get new clients.

I want to be confident.
I’m going to be confident.

I want to grow my business.
I’m going to grow my business.

Observe what happens in your mindset and energy.

When you’re ready to upscale the quality of your life and grow around your dream, my team and I are here for you! Reach out via the contact form.

Much love,