Gentle nudge to proceed into action

As I said last week, I love breaking the routines every once in a while, yet I love returning to them perhaps even more!

After all the experiences and insights gained, you look at your life from a new perspective. Thus, returning to your usual routines happens with crystal clarity about what your current wants and needs are. What a wonderful opportunity to enhance your life experience!

And, from my experience, these enhancements usually end up being real life transformers. For example, returning from a two week travel, I realized how important it is for me to maintain my vibration. Energetically, I mean, and not get stuck in complaining.

Let me explain shortly. I’m pretty sure you all know someone who seems to be complaining all the time. Of course we’re there to support our fellow humans, when they face difficulties. Yet the expectation is that we move on from that state of complaining. If we don’t, the continuous complaining starts to drain our energy.

Instead of staying stuck in complain, we need to proceed into action. Corrective action, more precisely. In order for us to be able to do that, we need to have clarity of the request or decision needed for the situation to change. And to articulate those in a way that supports our wellbeing.

Witnessing this in others helped me clearly see in which areas of my life I’m doing the same. And gave me the gentle nudge to proceed into corrective action in those matters. Oh, what made me notice this?

My irritation as people around me were constantly complaining. That irritation was a clear sign that I obviously had something to notice myself. Where in my life am I just complaining and not proceeding to action?

The answer was clear and you’ll hear more about it at a later stage. After I’ve done my inner work with it. I mean, talk about empowerment and personal freedom! So liberating! Can’t wait to see and report where this will lead!

Some housekeeping news in the end! Next few weeks of these weekly notes will be a little shorter than usually as we’ve reached the vacation season again! As a consequence, we too are taking time to rest, refresh and rejuvenate with my team. Hope you have the opportunity to do the same on your own way!

Much love,