It’s about impact

In everything you do, it’s about impact.

Whether it’s about your business, your career or your money. Your health, your relationships or your environment. Even in learning.

When we get certainty in what we’re doing, we grow our impact. And when you grow your impact, you grow your income. Simple as that.

When I’m talking about being certain, I’m not talking about knowing for sure how something is specifically going to happen. Getting your certainty out of that only gets you in trouble. Cause that’s when the control enthusiasm, as my coach kindly calls it, comes out in us and, well, ruins everything.

So let’s leave the specific hows out of this and concentrate yet again on the what and the why. When you know what your dream and goal is and why you’re pursuing it, you do get to be certain that it is possible. The only question then remains to be: how can it be possible? And there’s always more than just one way.

This is where it might get a little tricky, though. The before mentioned question often twists around a bit and changes into a similar, but completely different question of: how is it possible.

When we ask ourselves how is it possible, we then most often come up with answers to a yet again different question of: why is it not possible. Complicated, I know. But you get the picture, right?

Nonetheless, that’s when the focus shifts from the certainty to uncertainty and we start to doubt our dreams and goals. That’s also when the need to control starts to creep in and mess with our head.

For example, as business owners, after we’ve done the basics, which means digging deep into the what and why, we get to be certain that we already have a ready audience for our message and for our services and products among the seven point nine billion people in the world. What we don’t get to be certain of, is who those people specifically are, which exact individuals.

If we aim our efforts on trying to force exact individuals to be our customers, we block most of the opportunities out and may experience scarcity. Which of course is not true – I mean, hello! Seven point nine billion people!

When we keep our focus on the what and the why, and out of our own head, serving our audience to the best of our abilities, with certainty that there is an audience (even if it may not yet be completely visible to you), we reach out more freely. We act on our ideas and intuition more freely. And we start to give even more.

That’s when our impact starts to grow. Cause with every person you work with, you impact not only that person but also those around that person. And so the ripple effect takes off.

And that’s what it is all about.

And is impact important for the sake of income?
Well, yes and no.

Yes, because when we make our own money, for both women and men, it reflects the innate feeling of worthiness and safety in the world.

Now, be careful with this – money doesn’t bring safety or worthiness. It’s the inner feeling of worthiness and safety that enable us to take our place in and impact the world in the first place. Not money.

Money in itself does not change anything. It magnifies what already is.

So, if you reach out and take your place in the world from the place of feeling safe and worthy, and as your impact and income grows, money magnifies that feeling of safety and worthiness.

On the other hand, if you reach out and take your place in the world from the place of fear and unworthiness, and as your impact and income grows, money magnifies the feeling of fear and unworthiness.

In terms of impact, it’s clear that we first need to do the work within, cause money will only make what and who you are more obvious. And truth be told, you are a kind, caring, loving and magnificent person. Just as you are.

Look into that truth in you and let the money magnify that. Not the lies that you may have picked up along the way.

Which leads us to the no.

No, because impact is about using our life for the greater good of all. About being an example for our kids. About using our voice. Most of all, about doing the right things.

Imagine, what does it do to people when you decide to take your place and serve the world in a bigger way? Perhaps in a much bigger way?

Much love,