Cherishing the most important relationships

Coming back home after spending many weeks traveling, I’ve been thinking about the most important relationships in life. For me, those are the relationship with oneself, others and the higher power. No matter what’s going on in my life, I’ll take time for these.

The past few weeks have especially been dedicated to nurture the relationships with others. Especially my family – hubby and kids. Where in the past, I felt somewhat exhausted after spending 24/7 for several weeks in a row with them under the same roof, now I’m loving it.

What changed?

First and foremost, I changed. My expectations changed. My attitude changed. My thinking and actions changed.

Instead of using all my energy to make sure everyone else’s needs and wants were satisfied, I started making sure mine were, too. Now we know what everyone expects from, for example, a vacation. Then we make sure we include those things as much as possible.

Also, even though I’ve concentrated on nurturing my relationship with my family, I’ve taken small increments of time daily for myself and for nurturing my relationship with the higher power. It can be anything from a short breathing process to listing things I’m grateful for or meditating or concentrating on seeing the good in the moment.

Usually while we were sauna bathing in our summer cottage, I asked my kids and hubby what has been best either that day or during our vacation so far. It was so delightful to hear their answers, and informative also. You might get surprised what others consider as the best moments and taking those into consideration when going forward might just change the course of your vacation!

Now, what are the most important relationships in your life? And how do you cherish them?

Much love,