Redefining success and happiness

After last week’s podcast episode on creating a solid foundation for sustainable success and happiness, I’ve had conversations with people on what these really are.

One of course has to know what success and happiness are, in order for the foundation to be actually solid.

But this is the part where it might get a bit tricky. 
Cause what is the right definition of success? Or happiness?

So many blindly follow what you think society expects success and happiness to be for you and end up striving for all the wrong things in life.

My question is, when did you last stop to consider what they really look and feel like to you? In your own life?

Too long ago?

If that’s the case, you need to step out of your own way and redefine what success and happiness really mean to you.

Take some time and dig deep with yourself.
What are your insights within?

As I’m always eager to understand these topics more fully as phenomena, I’d like to invite you to share your answers with me.

I have a short survey, in which I basically just ask what does success and happiness mean to you and I’d love to see your insights. The link to participate is here: What’s success and happiness?

You can use it as your opportunity to clarify and connect with your own definitions. And thus create one of the cornerstones for building a solid foundation for sustainable success and happiness for yourself.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

Much love,

Ps. If you’d like some inspiration on redefining success and happiness for yourself, go listen my newest podcast episode. You’ll find plenty of food for thought there!